As Vice President, Human Resources at Tarion Warranty Corporation, I have worked closely with Janet MacPhee for several years.
Janet has the unique ability to become part of the business team and not function as an outsider. She has worked closely
with several of our succession plan incumbents as an executive coach. These employees value her ability to help them
focus on their key leadership development needs. Many consider her a sounding board for their business decisions.
She works closely with me to ensure that her coaching is consistent with our business direction.
We consider Janet an integral part of our leadership development team.

Eileen Holden - Tarion Warranty Corporation

Janet is a skilled leadership coach with a unique blend of expertise. She is very skilled at using insights gained through the administration
and interpretation of assessment tools to identify strengths and important areas of growth for her clients.
She then seamlessly blends these insights into her coaching conversations to help increase self-awareness and plans for action.
Her warmth and genuineness underlies a resolve to help her clients remain accountable for setting and achieving their objectives. A coaching
relationship with Janet would be of benefit to anyone looking to strengthen their leadership competencies
in an existing role or to assist in transitioning to new roles.

Senior Leader - QIIP

Janet is a great resource and has certainly helped me in my leadership development. Janet is always available and is very
approachable. On top of being a great listener I feel that the issues I discuss with her remain confidential. She helps
you develop a plan to get to a solution without telling you the answer. Janet helps you set objectives and then
helps you keep focused on those objectives. I would certainly recommend her if you are looking for help with specific
issues or looking for help to focus on how to take that next step in one’s career.

Senior Leader - Client Confidential

The workshop opened my eyes to what type of coach I am, could be and should be and gave
me the mindset to build on those skills. Super to leave the workshop with practical,
useful tools that I can implement right away.

One of the best workshops that I have been to. Janet and Lindy are an excellent team and
complement each other better than any other co-facilitated session I have attended.

Leader Feedback from Coaching for Impact Workshops - Municipality of Chatham-Kent

As new organizational and team needs surfaced, it was important for me to
grow my leadership skills. Through my coaching work with Janet MacPhee, I
was able to get back in touch with my key leadership strengths and identify
some focused areas for continued development. The coaching was extremely
practical – as I experienced specific work challenges and opportunities,
Janet helped me prepare, stay focused and reflect after situations so that
I always walked away with lessons learned. Janet was very responsive and her
reliability was top notch. At a pivotal point in my leadership career, Janet
was and continues to be a valued partner in this journey.

Mid-Level Manager

I have been a client of Janet MacPhee’s for a little over a year now.
Janet has helped me focus on my career objectives and identify areas of
growth and strength. She is able to quickly provide me with strategies to
keep my momentum moving forward and progressing in a positive direction.
I have personally directly benefited from these sessions, but my colleagues
and direct reports have also benefited through my growth and development.

I have been able to increase my exposure at work and gain attention beyond
those that I directly interact with. I look forward to every session with
Janet and look even more forward to practicing and implementing strategies
that she helps be identify. It is highly energizing and motivating!

Coaching Client