All change begins with awareness. Through increased awareness, one can choose to take a new action. Assessments provide the mechanism to synthesize data on strengths and articulate development needs. Latitude44 utilizes a variety of assessment tools to support client needs. These include individual, multi-rater and team assessments. Assessments to highlight include:

The Attentional and Interpersonal Style Inventory (TAIS)

TAIS Inventory is a self-assessment that measures 20 different concentration/attentional skills and interpersonal attributes. TAIS is used to identify the types of situations and conditions under which individuals are more or less likely to perform at their potential. It is a strong predictor of leadership style and is one of the assessments of choice at the Queen’s University Leadership Program. Team profiles can be created and TAIS can be used for recruitment purposes. A TAIS report allows individuals to:

  • Identify concentration strengths and developmental areas
  • Predict performance under pressure
  • Identify particular work environments and conditions that leverage abilities
  • Enhance clarity on types of work roles that appeal to strengths
  • Anticipate the types of performance situations which are likely to interfere with ability to control stressful reactions

Radius (multi-rater tool)

The SigmaRADIUS 360⁰ feedback assessment consists of up to 50 competencies relevant to leadership effectiveness, such as decisiveness, creativity, interpersonal relations, listening and facilitating teamwork. Self ratings are combined with ratings and comments provided by leaders, colleagues, external stakeholders and direct/ indirect reports. The report presents a comprehensive profile of leadership strengths and developmental opportunities. Comments from raters and extensive developmental tips serve as a coaching tool for enhanced leadership performance. SigmaRADIUS is typically customized to align to existing organizational competencies and/or a benchmarking exercise is completed to identify the most critical leadership competencies for specific leadership levels/roles. Individualized coaching over time highly increases the likelihood of development plans being designed and implemented.

Leadership Skills Profile (LSP)

The LSP self-assessment measures the extent to which individuals are likely to perform successfully in a leadership position by analyzing their strengths and developmental areas on a series of performance dimensions critical to effective leadership. It determines an individual’s preferences or natural tendencies to exhibit certain leadership competencies. Sigma Assessments Systems is the supplier of the LSP through certified practitioners. Both a Selection Report for recruitment purposes and a Development Report are available.


Social Style and Versatility Profile (individual and multi-rater)

SOCIAL STYLE™ is a model of interpersonal effectiveness. It is a practical and easily applied system for understanding behavioural styles. This means individuals and organizations can quickly improve productivity simply by applying the model with colleagues and with clients. Utilizing the SOCIAL STYLE™ model, individuals learn about the strengths and developmental areas of the four social styles in specific behavioural terms. By understanding how each style prefers to communicate, individuals learn how to adjust how they communicate with each style, which in turn leads to outcomes such as greater understanding and reduced workplace conflict. Team profiles are available and form the foundation of authentic team development work.

Jackson Career Explorer (JCE)

The JCE is an interest assessment tool that helps guide individuals toward fulfilling careers. It is used by high school, college and university students, and adults, including career changers and corporate restructuring. The JCE report provides a wealth of personalized career information including:

  • Fit with 30 different Job Groups and in-depth information on top three Job Groups
  • Fit with 17 different Education Groups
  • Ranked interests
  • Showcases thousands of customized job resources including action steps and interactive tips
  • Provides links to over 850 job codes, organizations and web-based career resources

The JCE has strong scientific roots. More than 40 psychologists and career experts have worked on the development of the JCE and its predecessor, the Jackson Vocational Interest Survey (JVIS) over the past 45 years. Research has shown the JCE is a reliable and valid career interest assessment tool with solid practical applications.

Needs Analysis Service

Latitude44 is also very experienced in designing and implementing organizational needs assessment processes to help our clients identify their talent needs – both strengths and development areas. Questions such as: do your high potential leaders have the skills they need to thrive?, how aware are you of your leadership bench strength?, what are your succession planning requirements?, do you have specific core and leadership competencies? can be answered through this process.

A corporate blueprint can be created that outlines highest priority learning needs with accompanying strategies.