Student Coaching

Career Path.

Making informed and smart decisions regarding post-secondary education is critical for high-school aged students. As Canada’s population matures; our economy also changes with it. These changes translate to emerging employment requiring deeper education and more directed expertise than that of many professions of the past.

Latitude44 is pleased to offer career path assessment tools, supported through personalized coaching services. The intention is to augment and expand upon, current available Guidance Department offerings. This customized program offers an online assessment tool to assist in isolating career strengths, facilitated with one-on-one coaching. As with all of our services, we provide a safe environment in which to explore ideas and discuss various options with an unbiased yet encouraging coach. The overall goal of the career path process is for students to identify 1-3 viable fields of study and gain a strong understanding of job/career potential within.

Specific objectives include:

  • Improved focus regarding interests, so as to align with natural preferred style and abilities
  • Generating tangible career options that speak to these innate drivers
  • Identifying goals, steps and career direction to support agreed-upon educational aspirations


Students complete The Jackson Career Explorer (JCE) assessment tool.

Jackson Career Explorer (JCE)

The JCE is an interest assessment tool that helps guide individuals toward fulfilling careers. The JCE report provides a wealth of personalized career information including:

  • Fit with 30 different Job Groups and in-depth information on top three Job Groups
  • Fit with 17 different Education Groups
  • Ranks 34 Basic Interests
  • Highlights Work Personality preferences
  • Showcases thousands of customized job resources including action steps and interactive tips
  • Provides links to over 850 job codes, organizations and web-based career resources

The JCE has strong scientific roots. More than 40 psychologists and career experts have worked on the development of the JCE and its predecessor, the Jackson Vocational Interest Survey (JVIS) over the past 45 years. Research has shown the JCE is a reliable and valid career interest assessment tool with solid practical applications.