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Latitude44 supported us in the development and execution of two key initiatives, a core competency model and an organization wide manager development program. Throughout these projects, our experience working with Latitude44 was nothing short of great. They were quick to respond and always provided timely feedback and responses
to questions as they arose. We could always count on top notch and well researched material that hit the mark with our audience. We were happy to have chosen Latitude44 and would definitely consider them in the future.


The client, a large Canadian insurer, is committed to the development of its employees and knows that on-going employee engagement and performance are key to its overall success. At the outset, the need was to clearly articulate specific behaviours that define what successful performance looks like. This evolved into providing their management team with a comprehensive mechanism for leadership development.

Strategic Approach

We created a strategy that spanned all roles across the organization and addressed employee development and engagement. This was a multi-layered project.

We first began with the collaborative creation of foundational competencies, providing a clear benchmark for employees to align their performance and development efforts to. We articulated specific behaviours that support the successful and sustained achievement of performance outcomes for all roles across the organization.

From that, we designed and implemented a management development model that replaced ‘one off’ training and development activities and provided the following benefits:  consistent development for all managers, alignment with corporate needs (competencies), relevancy, quality, cost effectiveness, and timeliness.  This involved a blended-learning solution for identified priority needs. Prior to all team learning sessions, all managers completed pre-work and individual assessments.

We delivered key components of the model – including workshops on coaching skills and change management.

Small group learning teams were created to self-manage the sustainability of their learning and to share ideas about encountered successes and challenges.

Finally, we utilized an individual leadership skills assessment tool for each manager and provided one-on-one coaching to these managers – to understand the feedback and to assist them with developing and implementing a plan for improvement.


The organization was able to implement a performance management system completely aligned to the core competencies required to drive better business results.

The process immediately addressed the critical development needs of the managers. As the managers moved through the model, it instilled practices that would inspire focused development and professional growth as a cultural norm and constant state of being – resulting in a continuous learning cycle that creates a direct and positive impact on corporate goals and results.

Feedback from managers has been wholly positive, with the key findings that they are more focused on their development and see the connection between their success and that of their teams and the company, and also that they feel others in the organization would benefit from a similar process.

Data from the client indicated an increase in both the quantity and quality of questions leaders were asking their teams. Increased delivery of more consistent feedback was also evident. This change ultimately translates to increased employee commitment as they are consulted and more involved in identifying possible solutions and decisions.